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Email Addresses Briefly Made Public on Facebook

From the files of the Facebook's Tenuous Grasp on Privacy Dept.: Numerous users saw their…

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Technically, this part is optional, but I also think it has the biggest impact on how the rest of your experience will pan out. You could just edit all the information on your current account, but if you make a new one and delete the old one you'll have a completely clean slate. You won't have any posts lingering around anywhere, no personal information for the taking and no photos tagged of you. Plus, this is prime time to get rid of all your friends that you don't need. Do you really still need to be Facebook friends with that girl you met at that party that time? Didn't think so.

This process is actually quite simple, especially because you have a new email address as created in step one. Log out of Facebook and create a new account using that email address. Don't enter any information, and for now, don't make any new friends except with yourself (you'll need to friend your old account for this to work smoothly). Bask in the glory of that clean, privacy-filled profile, and then log back into your old account and accept the friend request to your new one. Alternatively, open up a second browser and use one for your old account and one for your new account, just for this process—you'll be switching back and forth a lot.

Conveniently, Facebook will then ask you to suggest friends for your new account (if not, you can do so by visiting your new account's profile page from your old account). This is the part of the process in which you'll transfer over the friends you actually want with one fell swoop—no spending hours searching each and every one of them out. Go through the entire list of your friends and check off the ones you want to keep. It won't take nearly as long as you think it will, I promise. Click Send and then move over to your new account. All those suggestions will be pending friend requests that you can run through quickly and add each as a friend (again, it looks like a tedious process, but shouldn't take too long) and you'll have all the friends you need.

If you want to hold on to your old account during the transition, that's fine, but the point of making a new one is to delete all the old stuff, so when you're ready, go ahead and delete (not just deactivate) that old account. It'll try to tempt you into staying by showing you pictures of your friends, but you can press continue without guilt knowing you're still going to (mostly) be around.

There are a few privacy settings we need to tweak on the new account, so hit "Account" in the upper left hand corner of your window and click Privacy Settings. The first area we'll venture into is "Personal Information and Posts" to turn off the wall. This way, you won't have your profile covered with the stupid things your friends say; it'll just be your very barren news feed.

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weak side

If you have a , a voluntary agreement is an impossible thing.
Hansard archive
As a senior in 1979, and for the second consecutive season, he started all 12 games at the cornerback position.
As a linebacker, he accumulated 231 tackles (157 solo).
Moreover, the defensive end would be aligned one to two yards outside the left offensive tackle, leaving the opposing tackle man-on-man when trying to block the pass rush.
Currently, the proposal is on the .
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The totalizing nature of hegemony has to be nuanced, realizing that there will always be weak sides to it, soft spots of benevolence or contradiction, openings for contestation.
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Three wickets in the match earned him a contract, and in 1953 he started the season as a regular member of what was a very .
Altham suggests that the ease of the touring side's victories justifies the selection of a comparatively .
linemen will sometimes pull and lead the back downfield (sometimes called a counter trap), but not necessarily.
Here the centre can carry the puck out of the zone on his/her own, or look for the winger coming across centre ice.
The (west-side) was guarded by an outpost of nine battalions with battery support.
After redshirting the 2004 season, he appeared in six games at - outside linebacker in 2005, finishing with 13 tackles (10 solo).
He struggled again in 1967, but kept his place in a , and fought his way doggedly out of his past to achieve reliability.
He will be supporting the side without the puck, known as the .
One could argue that the interaction is somewhat on the .
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a small, round cake that is like bread, made from flour, milk, and a little fat

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July 16, 2018

All things Denver Broncos, all the time.

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The Broncos named Trevor Siemian their starting quarterback Monday. He spoke with the media today to talk about the big news.

“Obviously, very excited. I’m really just excited about moving forward, playing this week and starting the season off. I think we have a really special group. We have a good team. I’m excited to get to work.”

The team can now focus on getting Siemian prepared with the 1st-team. “It’s good to establish some continuity with that group of guys that we’re going to be playing with. … I feel like we’ve gotten some great work in the last couple of months when you look at OTAs.

So, does he think he can be a starter in the NFL?“I hope so. I think I can. I have a long way to go. I know where I can get better. I also know some of the things I can do well. For me, even going back to when I came in the league, I try to do a good job of taking it one day and rep at a time.”

For Siemian, the offense has a ‘much better feel now than I did when we started.’ “I think we’re getting to that point in camp where we’ve gotten plenty of reps under our belt. … I think it’s only going to continue to get better. I just really like the scheme a lot and I don’t just speak for myself. I know everybody is enjoying the scheme.”

Siemian has had to compete for the starting job the last two seasons. He reflected on his time behind a certain quarterback on the depth chart: “When I was here and I watched Peyton, that guy wasn’t content—Hall of Fame or whatever it was. But every day and every week, I think you have to earn your job. Quarterback is no different.”

He said that all he needed was a chance. “I just really worried about myself and improving. … I think I’ve grown a lot as a player. Going back to OTAs when I came in, I said I wanted to get better at these certain things to see where it would take me. I think if I did those, everything would kind of work itself out.”

As the starting quarterback, he has to show more leadership, not only on the field, but off of it. “You have to understand your role as a quarterback. You’re a leader of the team and you have to embrace that, and I do. But also, I’m just going to be myself, be authentic, a good teammate and be a good quarterback.”

“Paxton has been good,” Siemian said of Lynch. “We just talked. … We have a great room. … Both of us understand it’s a competition. There’s only one guy on the field. He’s obviously handling it really well.”

“I’ve been really lucky to be around those kinds of people. Peyton is the obvious one everybody asks me about, but I’ve been around a lot of smart guys and smart coaches. I just try to take advantage of that.” Siemian named a few: Former HC Gary Kubiak, former OC Rick Dennison, and former QB coach Greg Knapp.

Shelly Fan
Shelly Xuelai Fan is a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco, where she studies ways to make old brains young again. In addition to research, she's also an avid science writer with an insatiable obsession with biotech, AI and all things neuro. She spends her spare time kayaking, bike camping and getting lost in the woods.
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